All Shapes and Sizes is a placement agency that places Full Time Live-In or Live-out Nanny/Providers, Vacation Nanny/Providers and Summer/Temporary assignment Nanny/Providers. We function like an employment agency. All Nanny/Providers are self-employed, negotiate with the employer for salary/ benefits and are paid directly by employers.

To begin our process you need to choose the type of provider for your needs and a fee schedule will appear for that choice. Complete your application and print this page to refer to the complete process.

1. After you have completed your application we will attempt to match your criteria with Nanny/Providers in our database. We will then email, fax or mail their applications to you the client. We will speak with the Nanny/Providers on the phone about your position and speak with you about the Nanny/Providers. If you are both interested in each other we will have the Nanny/Provider contact you or you contact the Nanny/Provider by phone to set up interviews within your home.

2. Call All Shapes And Sizes and let us know whom you are interviewing and how the interview went. We need to keep track of which Nanny/Providers you are interested and not interested in. There is no typical scenario for an interview. You may offer a job after your first interview, you may call back the Nanny/Provider for a second time or trial day or you might make a decision at a later time. We encourage you and the Nanny/Providers to interview as many times as you like. We want you to be happy with your placement.

3. It is important on your first interview to discuss exactly what your needs are and the exact job description. Sometimes you might have a change about certain things such as hours or duties since you have filled out the application with us and have failed to let us know. It is important for you to communicate these changes with the agency so we may serve you better. Sit down with the Nanny/Provider and discuss their attitudes and performance style or styles. Find out specifically what their values are and what kinds of goals they might set for your children/position. Find out how they might discipline your children and what types of behavior modification they use. (Do they give the children a time out, etc.?)

4. Once you have decided on a Nanny/Provider for your family, please call our office to let us know. You will then send 1/2 the placement fee to hold the Nanny/Provider you made an offer to. We will then send in the driver and criminal record check. If you hire a Family Day Care we will also run a criminal check on their spouse. We will send this to you with the completed application references, a statement, and fill in the blank information package. It includes medical release forms and other forms the Nanny/Provider needs. We would like to suggest that you go through this package with your Provider. In case you cannot be reached tell your Provider how you would like them to handle a situation step by step.

5. Seven days before your Nanny/Provider starts the other half of the placement fee is due along with a contract signed by you and the Nanny/Provider.

It is imperative there be a written contract between the Nannies/Providers and the employer. We provide you with a sample of this contract. This contract should include:

  • Complete job description
  • Salary Hours the Provider will work during the day
  • Holiday's and which days she/he will have off each week
  • Paid sick days
  • Compensation for any overtime or extra duties
  • Telephone allowance (for Live-In positions) or cell phone
  • Vacation time-after how long and how much
  • Health benefits
  • Length of notice to be given upon termination
  • Date of salary review

If you have any questions regarding tax withholding please call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. It is important that the employer communicate any expectations or requirements to the Nanny/Provider. We would like to suggest that the Nanny or Provider and the employer have a weekly discussion and planning session to talk about anything on your minds. Most importantly, the Nannies/Providers and families should not allow feelings of discontent to grow or misunderstandings to develop because of lack of communication. Talk things out! No one can read your mind!! Call us to mediate. (DON'T LET THINGS GO)

The employer may wish to have the Nanny or Provider organize a weekly schedule that might include:

  • Personal care-toileting, dressing, etc.
  • Family's meals (provide cookbook if desired)
  • Shopping lists, Cooking
  • Children's appointments and activities
  • Days laundry will be done
  • Other special needs associated with specific job description
  • Housekeeping
  • Grounds what/when things need to be done
*Additional housework can be contracted for at a rate of $12.00 and up per hour and clients should be specific in contracts as to what cleaning includes.



  • What type of privacy does the employer expect from the Nanny or Provider?
  • Can the Nanny or Provider's friends come to the home?
  • In which rooms are they welcome?
  • Setting limits for the children and use of discipline?
  • Use of TV and other household items?
  • Consideration of the Nanny or Provider's time off while she remains in the home is important
  • Nannies & Providers must remember to maintain their professionalism while in the home despite their closeness and involvement with the family.

Other Positions:

  • What type of lifestyle is the client accustomed to?
  • What type of cuisine?
  • What benefits are offered (if any)?
  • What duties will be expected?
  • Vacations, sick days and Holiday’s paid, unpaid, etc.?
Don't leave any stones unturned it's clear guidelines, lists, schedules etc that make for good communication, and successful placements.

Please contact the agency if you have any questions. We will try to offer some guidance. Remember, if you are unhappy with your placement, you must notify the agency within your guarantee period, to avoid paying another placement fee for replacement of your Nanny/Provider.